Dr. Chad floating a horses teeth.

Dr. Jordan with calf

Dr. Jordan with a calf.

JordanGoats (1)

Dr. Jordan with goat c-section twins.

Vets showing off a sloth

Calynn and Kelsie holding a sloth

Taylorville Paint a Pet! event

Paint your pet party

Calynnbird (1)

Calynn with a bird


Dr. Jordan and Calynn bottle feeding a calf


Calynn with a lamb


Dr. Stacey and Mercedez with pet birds.

Two vets giving a dog an Ultrasound

Dr. Natalie with Kelsie performing an ultrasound

Winners with Vets and the Christian County Fair and a Goat

All doctors at the 4-H sheep show

StaceyNatalieGunieapigs (1)

Dr. Stacey with Dr. Natalie holding baby guinea pigs.

Taylorville Vet booth

Madison, Kelsie, and Avrey at the Taylorville Dog Days event

Doggie Treats bar

Bone Bar for Charity

Taylorville Halloween booth

Countryside Trunk-or-Treat

Vets and Family posing with a prize pig

All doctors at the 4-H pig show

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